Alchemist Camp


“Alchemist Camp is where we learn Elixir and Phoenix by building things”

Lesson Archive

Title YouTube link Topics
Welcome to Alchemist Camp youtube link Intro, No code, Phoenix
Lesson 1: The guessing game youtube link Setup, Math, Games, IO, Binary search
Solution to Challenge 1: the Greeter youtube link Solutions, IO
Lesson 2: Word Count youtube link CLI, Elixir scripts, Regex, File, IO
Solution to Challenge 2: Word Count ULTIMATE EDITION! youtube link CLI, Enum, File, IO, Regex
Lesson 3: Minimal Todo List Part 1 youtube link Todo list, CLI, Map, Enum, Pattern matching, Ridiculous
Solution to Challenge 3: The Image Snatcher youtube link File, IO, command line, tools
Lesson 4: Minimal Todo List Part 2 youtube link Todo list, CSV files, data manipulation, IO, command line
Solution to Challenge 4: Fibonacci solution with tail recursion youtube link Fibonacci, tail recursion, timer
Lesson 5: Mini Markdown youtube link Regex, Markdown, VS Code tips
Solution to Challenge 5: Extending Mini Markdown with new tags youtube link Markdown, Regex
Lesson 6: Alchemy Markdown youtube link mix, Markdown, Regex
Solution to Challenge 6: Using mix to modularize and add tests youtube link fibonacci, mix, testing, higher order functions
Lesson 7: Making command line applications with escript youtube link CLI, escript
Solution to Challenge 7: Caboose, a simple clone of Unix’s tail youtube link command line, tail, escript
Lesson 8: Game board (Tictac Part 1) youtube link games, Struct, comprehensions, with
Solution to Challenge 8: Deck generation, Pythagorean Triplets and more youtube link comprehensions, generators, filters, codepoints, ~w, sigils
Whiteboarding the Tictac state machine (NO CODE) youtube link games, state machines, AFK
Lesson 9: Game state machine (Tictac Part 2) youtube link games, state machines, pattern matching, Struct
Solution to Challenge 9: Modelling the memory game youtube link games, state machines
Lesson 10: Finishing Tictac and making a CLI for it youtube link games, CLI, higher order functions, pattern matching, state machine
Solution to Challenge 10: Threatened by rooks, bishops and knights youtube link games, comprehensions, generators, filters, xor
Lesson 11: A worker to log stats from a YouTube’s API youtube link JSON decoding, HTTPoison, APIs, Alchemist Camp
Solution to Challenge 11: Querying Alexa Site API and parsing XML youtube link games, comprehensions, generators, filters, xor
Lesson 12 Constructing bitmap files with Elixir youtube link binaries, file formats, comprehensions, images
Solution to Challenge 12: Making bitmaps with color palettes youtube link binaries, bitstrings, file formats, images

Building of Alchemist Camp

Title YouTube link Topics
AC1: Making a site with just the Cowboy web server youtube link Cowboy server, web frameworks, Alchemist Camp
AC2: Deploying a simple Elixir app with Nanobox youtube link deployment, Nanobox, Digital Ocean, Cowboy server, Alchemist Camp
AC3: Building a router and handling static assets youtube link Cowboy server, router, web frameworks, Alchemist Camp
AC4: A minimal Plug.Conn clone to handle 404s youtube link Cowboy server, Plug, web frameworks, Alchemy Camp
AC5: Adding EEx templates to a Cowboy web server youtube link EEx, Plug, Cowboy server, web frameworks, Alchemy Camp
AC5.1: Catching EEx template errors and displaying them on the page youtube link EEx, error handling, Cowboy server, Alchemist Camp
AC6: Putting an Elixir OTP app in our Elixir OTP app youtube link Alchemist Camp, OTP apps, mix
AC7: Creating controllers for an Elixir web server youtube link Alchemist Camp, web frameworks, controllers, macros
AC8: Creating a DSL for our router youtube link Alchemist Camp, web frameworks, macros, router
AC9: Using Elixir macros to simplify our views youtube link Alchemist Camp, web frameworks, macros, views

Ask an Alchemist

Title YouTube link Topics
Q&A: How the experience of coding with Elixir/Phoenix compares to Rails or Node youtube link Q&A, web frameworks, Phoenix, Rails, Node
Q&A: Why did you choose Elixir as your teaching topic? youtube link Q&A, business, strategy, Alchemist Camp