Alchemist Camp


“Alchemist Camp is where we learn Elixir and Phoenix by building things”

Lesson Archive

Title YouTube Topics
Welcome to Alchemist Camp video Intro, No code, Phoenix
Lesson 1: The guessing game video Setup, Math, Games, IO, Binary search
Solution to Challenge 1: the Greeter video Solutions, IO
Lesson 2: Word Count video CLI, Elixir scripts, Regex, File, IO
Solution to Challenge 2: Word Count ULTIMATE EDITION! video CLI, Enum, File, IO, Regex
Lesson 3: Minimal Todo List Part 1 video Todo list, CLI, Map, Enum, Pattern matching, Ridiculous
Solution to Challenge 3: The Image Snatcher video File, IO, command line, tools
Lesson 4: Minimal Todo List Part 2 video Todo list, CSV files, data manipulation, IO, command line
Solution to Challenge 4: Fibonacci solution with tail recursion video Fibonacci, tail recursion, timer
Lesson 5: Mini Markdown video Regex, Markdown, VS Code tips
Solution to Challenge 5: Extending Mini Markdown with new tags video Markdown, Regex
Lesson 6: Alchemy Markdown video mix, Markdown, Regex
Solution to Challenge 6: Using mix to modularize and add tests video fibonacci, mix, testing, higher order functions
Lesson 7: Making command line applications with escript video CLI, escript
Solution to Challenge 7: Caboose, a simple clone of Unix’s tail video command line, tail, escript
Lesson 8: Game board (Tictac Part 1) video games, Struct, comprehensions, with
Solution to Challenge 8: Deck generation, Pythagorean Triplets and more video comprehensions, generators, filters, codepoints, ~w, sigils
Whiteboarding the Tictac state machine (NO CODE) video games, state machines, AFK
Lesson 9: Game state machine (Tictac Part 2) video games, state machines, pattern matching, Struct
Solution to Challenge 9: Modelling the memory game video games, state machines
Lesson 10: Finishing Tictac and making a CLI for it video games, CLI, higher order functions, pattern matching, state machine
Solution to Challenge 10: Threatened by rooks, bishops and knights video games, comprehensions, generators, filters, xor
Lesson 11: A worker to log stats from a YouTube’s API video JSON decoding, HTTPoison, APIs, Alchemist Camp
Solution to Challenge 11: Querying Alexa Site API and parsing XML video games, comprehensions, generators, filters, xor
Lesson 12 Constructing bitmap files with Elixir video binaries, file formats, comprehensions, images
Solution to Challenge 12: Making bitmaps with color palettes video binaries, bitstrings, file formats, images
Lesson 13 Adding Ecto and a Postgres database to StatWatch video Ecto, Postgrex, schemas, migrations, mutli-app projects
Solution to Challenge 13: Creating belongs_to and has_many Ecto associations video Ecto, associations
Lesson 14: Creating Ecto associations between profiles and stats (StatWatch) video Ecto, associations
Lesson 14b: Inserting one Ecto schema at a time (StatWatch Project) video Ecto, associations
Solution to Challenge 14: Flattening lists recursively in Elixir video lists, toy problems, tail recursion

Building of Alchemist Camp

Title YouTube Topics
AC1: Making a site with just the Cowboy web server video Cowboy server, web frameworks, Alchemist Camp
AC2: Deploying a simple Elixir app with Nanobox video deployment, Nanobox, Digital Ocean, Cowboy server, Alchemist Camp
AC3: Building a router and handling static assets video Cowboy server, router, web frameworks, Alchemist Camp
AC4: A minimal Plug.Conn clone to handle 404s video Cowboy server, Plug, web frameworks, Alchemy Camp
AC5: Adding EEx templates to a Cowboy web server video EEx, Plug, Cowboy server, web frameworks, Alchemy Camp
AC5.1: Catching EEx template errors and displaying them on the page video EEx, error handling, Cowboy server, Alchemist Camp
AC6: Putting an Elixir OTP app in our Elixir OTP app video Alchemist Camp, OTP apps, mix
AC7: Creating controllers for an Elixir web server video Alchemist Camp, web frameworks, controllers, macros
AC8: Creating a DSL for our router video Alchemist Camp, web frameworks, macros, router
AC9: Using Elixir macros to simplify our views video Alchemist Camp, web frameworks, macros, views
AC Side Projects: Launching video side project, Phoenix 1.3, APIs

Ask an Alchemist

Title YouTube Topics
Q&A: How the experience of coding with Elixir/Phoenix compares to Rails or Node video Q&A, web frameworks, Phoenix, Rails, Node
Q&A: Why did you choose Elixir as your teaching topic? video Q&A, business, strategy, Alchemist Camp