Building the alchemist camp anew

It's been a lot of fun making a minimal clone of the Phoenix Framework. I hope this series of videos has clarified how Phoenix works and has given you confidence that there's nothing magical involved.

However, the reason people use frameworks is to move quickly and with the confidence that comes from running code that many, many other people use in production. Being limited in time and wanting to build out a site with much richer functionality, moving Alchemist Camp to the real Phoenix Framework is clearly the way to go.

I don't want to leave those of you who enjoyed this series hanging!

There is a book I read that gave me a lot of the ideas I used in this Building Alchemist Camp series, and I've reached out to the author, Shankar Devy, to partner on an affiliate deal. If you use the following link to get any of his Phoenix books, you'll pay the normal price and a few percent will go towards supporting Alchemist Camp.

Either way, there will be more Elixir videos, both with and without Phoenix in the future!

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