Extending a CMS with markdown and regex

This episode is part 5 in a Phoenix CMS series:

  • Series Overview - Planning
  • Part 1 - Setting up schemas, contexts and ecto relations
  • Part 2 - Editing multiple tags at once as a list
  • Part 3 - Listing mixed forms of content together for topics
  • Part 4 - Setting up meta tags for SEO
  • Part 5 - Making content-specific markdown extensions
  • Part 6 - Using ETS to cache information and speed up the site <hr />

In this episode we extend our CMS to show customized views for members and using custom markdown and advanced regex features.

Note: The functionality added here was for admins only. Be careful about using the raw helper in general as it bypasses Phoenix's XSS sanitization of HTML. If you need to open this up to non-admin users, have a look at the html_sanitize_ex package.

(Source code available for premium members)

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